Sunday, October 10, 2010

Setting for new shot

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your opinions on which audio clip to use. I'm now at the brainstorming phase for how to set this scene up. I've had a few ideas with some suggestions from others and just wanted to get your take on it. If ya have a minute or two, let me know what comes to your mind when you hear this clip.


  1. Jared, a couple things come to mind:
    1) the evolution of species-a fish/lizard crawling onto the shore
    2)kid (I see a heavy-set bully type) playing spaceman in the house- with parent or other kid.
    3)over zealous astronaut in training
    4)actual astronaut/alien landing

  2. Here's another they come out of the spaceship, there's actually a big slimy alien right there (which you don't see, but the first character does right as he finishes his line and he shrinks in horror...the second guy sniffs what looks like a wall of alien goop (maybe the giant alien's leg) and says it seems ok...I love the irony that the astronaut is trying to smell through his helmet.

    Of course, this idea is playing with only one of Dave's variations...and his others also sound fun. I like the idea of two kids just playing around. When I was little we would get play games like that and some kids would get so into it...and once they ran off we'd think, "What was that?"

  3. Awesome ideas guys! This is seriously one of the hardest parts of the process for me. So many paths to take, but I must choose one. I was also thinking about a couple aliens either escaping from Area 51, or exiting their ship that had just crashed onto Earth.